IFP: Statement by Connie Zikala of the Inkaatha Freedom Party on Women’s Month (20/08/2009)

20th August 2009

Honourable Minister

Nompumelo Ndlovu, who was believed to be seven months pregnant, was
beaten to death in broad daylight on one of the busiest streets in
Pietermaritzburg's Central Business District. It is alleged that Ms
Ndlovu was attacked without provocation and hit repeatedly with an
iron pipe. The IFP offers its condolences to the family and friends of
Ms Ndlovu and all the other women of South Africa who are senselessly

We might have celebrated Women's Day recently and we continue to
honour women during the month of August, but the abuse of women
continues unabated. While mainstreaming gender issues; passing the
right legislation and highlighting the plight of women must continue
these efforts are, however, not enough and will be undermined if we do
not create a culture of respect for women. Young boys must learn from
an early age that girls and women must be respected. This should be
ingrained into our culture. For this to happen the men of South Africa
must play a more active part and be role models for young boys. Their
actions, the way that they treat women, must be exemplary. There must
be a greater appreciation of women and more respect afforded to the
women of South Africa.

I therefore appeal to the men of South Africa, starting with all of
you sitting in this House today, to be the role models that our youth
need and become active role-players in the promotion of women's rights.

I thank you.