IFP 2024 Election Manifesto

22nd March 2024

IFP 2024 Election Manifesto

In 2024, the need for a change of government is critical.

For thirty years, the IFP has been a formidable opposition, holding Government to account. We have consistently led by example, showing what a government of integrity can achieve for South Africa.

In 2024, we invite you to bring integrity back into government by voting for the IFP.

Your vote for the IFP in 2024, on both the national and provincial ballots, will strengthen the voice of integrity in the incoming government. The IFP’s values are founded on the
principles of ubuntu/botho and integrity, and it is that more than anything else that is lacking in governance.

I therefore invite you to vote for a new Government. Vote for change. But above all, vote to put integrity back on the table by voting IFP.

Download the IFP's election Manifesto using the link above