How well are children faring?

22nd September 2023

How well are children faring?

UJ’s Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA) and the South African Research Chairs Initiative released the findings of the “How well are children faring?” report. 

The data reflects the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on various aspects of wellbeing across households, caregivers and children, and shows how children fared at the end of the pandemic in 2022.

The Community of Practice (CoP) team presented the findings from their research and demonstrated the importance of monitoring the multi-dimensional wellbeing of children and their families. 

Over a period of three years (2020-2022), data was gathered from a cohort of children across five Johannesburg schools, enabling the CoP to implement tailored interventions addressing the needs of individual children, caregivers and families to enhance their wellbeing. 

This summary provides an overview of the findings obtained from caregivers, teachers, children, and health practitioners over the three-year period. 

Key findings:

Report by the University of Johannesburg