How do the non-searching unemployed feel about their situation? On the definition of unemployment

26th June 2013 By: Econ3x3

New evidence suggests that non-searching unemployed people are significantly less satisfied with their lives than people who are not economically active. Indeed, the non-searching unemployed have hit rock bottom. Assuming that people do not freely choose an unsatisfactory state of living, a case is made that the non-searching unemployed – or ‘discouraged workers’ – are involuntarily unemployed and should be included in the definition and measurement of the labour force. Consequently, a case is made for the adoption of the broad measure of unemployment.

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Written by Neil Lloyd, Researcher, SALDRU, University of Cape Town and Murray Leibbrandt, Professor, School of Economics and Director: SALDRU, University of Cape Town

This article was first published on the Econ3x3 website – Accessible policy-relevant research and expert commentaries on unemployment and employment, income distribution and inclusive growth in South Africa.