Housing Amendment Act (No. 4 of 2001)

1st January 2001

To amend  the  Housing  Act,  1997, so as  to  provide  for  the  abolition of the  South African  Housing  Development  Board  and  Provincial  Housing  Development Boards;  to  establish  advisory  panels;  to  provide  for  the  determination of procurement  policy  in  respect of housing  development;  to  provide  for  the publication  in  the Gazette of lists of national  housing  programmes  and  national institutions;  to  make  the  National  Housing  Code  binding  on  all  spheres of Government;  to  provide  for  the  regulation of the  sale of state-funded  housing;  to substitute  an  expression;  to  amend  the  Housing  Consumers  Protection  Measures Act,  1998, so as  to  substitute  certain  expressions;  and  to  provide  for  matters connected  therewith.