Higher Education Amendment Bill (B 55-2000)

1st January 2000

To amend the Higher Education Act, 1997, so as to define certain expressions; to extend the power of the Minister of Education with regard to the determination of higher education policy; to provide that vacancies in the Council on Higher Education are filled for the unexpired term of office of the predecessor; to provide for the nominations to fill vacancies in the Council; to provide that a public higher education institution may not without the approval of its full council and, under certain circumstances, without the concurrence of the Minister, enter into a loan or overdraft agreement or develop infrastructure; to make further provision for information a council has to furnish to the Minister; to make further provision for the registration of private higher education institutions, the requirements for their registration and the determination of applications for their registration; to provide afresh for the change of the name of a public higher education institution; and to make further provision for the repeal of laws; and to provide for matters connected therewith.