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21st July 2021

Citizens across South Africa are calling out for vastly improved governance standards. Good Governance Africa will launch a unique website to empower everyone looking to get active, and practical, in calling our leaders to be more accountable and making our government more transparent...

As Good Governance Africa’s Stuart Mbanyele’s article ‘Unpacking malfeasance in South Africa's municipalities’ states, ‘When wasteful expenditure occurs, those in positions of authority live in luxury from the proceeds, while citizens continue to experience hardships. This stems from the fact that wasteful expenditure has a dire impact on governance. In the short and long term, it fuels service delivery failure. As a result, the electorate is deprived of essential water and electricity, and safe municipal roads. The impact not only extends to citizens, but also to the functioning of businesses and their ability to remain profitable.’

This article was written before violence swept through South Africa this July, yet it still captures one of the key themes of the current African era: citizen dissatisfaction.

When it comes to what people can do about their sense of dissatisfaction, however, things remain murky. For example, South Africa’s recent bout of social violence kicked up a storm of commentary - from journalists, and from ordinary citizens on social media. Analyses of South Africa’s problems now flood the internet, wrapped up in many different calls for people to act. But what kind of action? And how is an ordinary South African supposed to take it?

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