Gender Equality will not be reached for another 130 years unless more women leaders come forward

3rd October 2022

Gender Equality will not be reached for another 130 years unless more women leaders come forward

The Women and Leadership conference, “It’s DUE” – Develop, Unite, Empower, will take place on 26 & 27 October at the Oubaai Hotel & Spa, George, Western Cape, organised by Pinpoint Stewards a 100% women-owned business.

Ankia Roux, Co-owner of Pinpoint Steward says: “the conference bring women together on a non-political platform to address strategic leadership traits.  Women in top leadership positions will be taking to the speaker platform to motivate other women in Government and SOE’s to lead with integrity, but also call on the future leaders of Government to come forward for the sake of a more accountable Government.” 

UN Women reports show that: “Women’s equal participation and leadership in political and public life are essential in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.  However data shows that women are under-represented at all levels of decision-making worldwide and achieving gender parity in political life is far off…at the current rate gender equality in the highest position of power will not be reached for another 130 years”

Lt Gen Khosi Senthumule, Divisional Commissioner, SAPS will discuss how to become an effective government leader by staying cool under pressure and tackling challenges head. Lt Gen Senthumule is the 1st female head of counter terrorism amongst many other achievements.  Speaking on being a public servant leader in a male dominated environment and using your current leadership status to create opportunities for other women, will be addressed by Nombedesho Godo from Department of Correctional Services(Eastern Cape).  Funeka Malashe will be speaking on behalf of the National Nuclear Regulator on making process and procedures one of your core functions as leader by using Monitoring and Evaluation - since it is a known fact if something is not monitored it won’t get done. Top performing municipalities will also be represented at the conference with Alderlady Venolea Fortuin, Speaker of Mossel Bay Municipality calling on leaders in the National, Provincial and Local government to step up to Good Governance and Accountability during her talk and Candice Biscombe from Witzenberg Municipality will discuss the value of employee-relations to reach meaningful team development strategies.

Other key speakers who will address the audience of women include: Minister, Western Cape Health and Wellness the  Multi-Party Women’s Caucus, Western Cape Provincial Parliament and Dept of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (North-West Province).

Extra time will be spend on the topic of GBV and Harassment in the workplace focussing on the rights, obligations, procedures to follow and how managers should deal with harassment  in the workplace in line with the Revised Code of Good practice (2021).

Media partners have been approached by the organisers to spotlight women who are making headlines for the right reasons.  Sponsors are asked to support the conference through funding to enable the organisers to broadcast the conference to equip young professionals at universities level and influence them to lead. 

Pinpoint Stewards have 20 years’ experience in research, management and arranging conferences onsite and online training platforms. They are a 100% women owned, Level 2 B-BBEE company. For more information and the full conference brochure and networking activities planned contact or register online