Former DA councillor accused of leaking info to EFF gets the boot

16th October 2020 By: News24Wire

Former DA councillor accused of leaking info to EFF gets the boot

The Democratic Alliance's (DA's) appeal panel of the Federal Legal Commission has upheld the decision to terminate former Gauteng MPL Nkele Molapo's membership for leaking information to Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema.

In a statement on Friday, DA Gauteng chair Mike Moriarty said the judgement brought to a close a three-year process that sought accountability for acts Molapo committed in 2017.

Molapo was accused of leaking confidential information from the DA Tshwane government to the Economic Freedom Fighters.

The evidence of this leaking was  presented to then Tshwane mayor, Solly Msimanga, and a case against Molapo was opened by Msimanga with the DA Federal Legal Commission.

Molapo and Msimang were currently embroiled in another case of sexual assault after Molapo opened a case with the police.

Reacting to the judgement, Molapo said: "I have noted the media statement announcing termination of my party membership. My counsel and I are yet to receive official communication from the party. I will be consulting with my counsel on the way forward."

Moriarty added that the three-person panel of the DA Federal Legal Commission reviewed the evidence in this matter including messages Molapo had directly sent to senior EFF leaders.

He said the panel heard all parties before unanimously finding Molapo guilty of leaking and exposing DA political strategy in Tshwane to the EFF.

"Upon her appeal of this finding, an appeal panel of five persons heard the appeal and subsequently confirmed the finding of guilt. The evidence was crystal clear; messages and screenshots of messages sent and received were presented to the FLC, and they made for a water-tight case," Moriarty added.

The DA said the leaking of confidential DA information and political strategy to the EFF was the cause of great instability in its caucus, government and the City of Tshwane.

"Molapo bears the blame for handing the EFF some tactical political advantages which compromised our work. After these leaks, the North Gauteng High Court found in its judgment on the instability in Tshwane that the EFF and ANC being able to break quorum at key moments was to blame for the work of council stalling. This tactic of breaking quorum was based on EFF knowledge of the DA's own political strategies.

"I am very pleased with the outcome in this case. The DA does not tolerate leakers, who do so to destabilise us and undermine our work and our efforts to bring change to South Africa. The DA stands firm that accountability for such transgressions must be enforced. The DA is the only party in South Africa to robustly enforce accountability internally," he said.