Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Draft Amendment Bill

26th April 2005

To amend the Foodstuffs,  Cosmetics  and  Disinfectants Act, 1972, so as to provide  for the authorization  of medical  practitioners,  environmental health officers,  veterinarians  and  other persons  deemed fit to administer the provisions of this  Act; to increase the sum to be deposited by an accused requesting firther analysis or examination of a sample; to regulate food premises  and  the  handling of foodstuffs,  the  importation  and  exportation  and  foodstuffs, the removal,  detention  and  destruction of food-producing  animals  or  foodstuffs,  the  inspection  of food-producing animals, the medical examination of food handlers, water used for food processing and the charging  of  fees; to regulate  mollusc firming  and fish firming; to remove the requirement  in  respect  of  secrecy; to simplify the penalties  in  terms  of the Act; to provide for delegations to officers of provincial  departments;  and to provide  for  matters  incidental thereto.