FFPLUS: Statement by Jaco Mulder, Freedom Front Plus provincial Leader, announcing the launch on Service Delivery Watch Dog (16/09/2009)

16th September 2009


The FF Plus today announced that a service centre was launched in order to assist the public with complaints about poor service delivery. The service centre which had already been in a testing phase is being opened to the broader public.

The FF Plus which acts as service delivery watchdog has already distinguished itself as an organization which acts as a watchdog for the rights of the South African public. The party has already with great success, succeeded in having the "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer" slogan declared hate speech, fought the Pretoria street name struggle with AfriForum and secured the right of South Africans living overseas to vote abroad, shortly before the national elections earlier this year.

The leader of the party in Gauteng and MPL, Mr. Jaco Mulder, says that many members of the public have with great success made use of the facility. Mulder said that service delivery on a municipal level as well as in provincial and national departments has nearly ground to a stand-still and that the FF Plus will continue to fight for the rights of South Africans, even in the Constitutional Court if it has to. Poor service delivery could lead to political unrest and revolutionary actions.

The public is therefore invited to dial 0861 566 771 or to lodge their grievances at help@vf.co.za <mailto:help@vf.co.za> . The complaints will then be referred to the relevant councillors, MPL's and MP's or to other co-opted experts for urgent attention.

Mulder also said that the presidential call centre which was launched earlier this week will run into a wall of frustration as the complaints which it receives arises precisely because government fails its citizens. The FF Plus as opposition party and service delivery watchdog will fight it with the support of the public which may rightfully demand effective service delivery.