FFPlus: Statement by Conrad Beyers, Freedom Front Plus spokesperson, protesting against the ANC at the ballot box (10/03/2010)

10th March 2010

The Freedom Front Plus said that the violent protest action over the non-delivery of municipal services and broken promises proves that the ANC's time in control of the Tshwane-metro council and other municipalities are running out. The FF Plus said that the party will attempt to enter into talks with the leaders of the protest action with regards to their problems. This follows on the violent protest actions in Mamelodi-East.

The FF Plus also called on opposition parties in the Tshwane metro area to enter into talks as to how the ANC could be defeated at next year's municipal elections by a coalition of parties.

According to Dr. Conrad Beyers, FF Plus councillor, the FF Plus is opposed to violent protest action, but added that it is unavoidable that desperate residents' frustrations will boil over when basic services such as tap water and electricity are not being delivered.

"We want to talk to the leaders of the protest action and tell them that the only protest action which would lead to real results has to take place at the ballot box. In recent times we have experienced people violently protesting against the poor service delivery track record of the ANC, but then they go and vote for the ANC in elections. As long as protesters continue voting for the ANC, they will receive no services, no houses and no electricity," Beyers said.

The FF Plus said that the blame for any disruption of the 2010 World Cup will be placed at the feet of the ANC controlled metro council.