FF Plus: Statement by Pieter Mulder, leader of the Freedom Front Plus and Deputy Agriculture Minister, on land reform (30/04/2010)

30th April 2010

The FF Plus welcomes President Zuma's confirmation that there will be no Zimbabwe style land grabs in South Africa.

The ANC's confusing statements about land reform however creates uncertainty in the agricultural and business sectors and is busy harming South Africa. What makes the confusion worse is when the ANC Youth League supports President Zuma's comments about land. The ANC Youth League's recent comments about the nationalization of land and their admiration of Zimbabwe's failed land reform policy led to furious reaction in South Africa. Does the "pragmatic new formula" which the President proposes for land reform, also include the ANC Youth League's proposals or not?

The FF Plus hopes that the ANC Youth League takes note that since Zimbabwe started its land expropriation policy, unemployment in Zimbabwe had risen from 20% to 85% and the general life expectation had fallen from 60 to 34 years.

Land and property are the fixed security upon which banks are established. From discussions with the banking sector and foreign investors it is clear that the banking sector could collapse if there is no longer certainty about the ownership of land. In this regard, Section 25 of the Constitution is not an interim section, as the ANC Youth League alleges, but just as valid as any section in the human rights bill.

Rural development is one of the priorities of the ANC. As long as especially commercial farmers are uncertain about their land and their safety, it is impossible to expect of them to assist with investments and developments in the interest of the development of rural areas.