Export Credit and Foreign Investments Re-insurance Amendment Act

1st January 2001

To amend  the  Export  Credit  and  Foreign  Investments  Re-insurance  Act, 1957, so as  to  define  an  expression  and  to  amend  or  delete  certain  definitions;  to  empower the  Minister  to  enter  into  an  agreement  with  a  registered  insurer, to be  known  as the  Export  Credit Agency,  with  the  object of insuring  certain  contracts  on  behalf of Government;  to  empower  the  Agency  to  establish a Reserve  Fund;  to  enable  the Agency  to  make  investments;  to  repeal  certain  obsolete  provisions;  and  to  make provision  for  transitional  arrangements;  and  to  provide  for  matters  connected therewith.