ENS introduces new strategic vision for a changing continent

8th August 2023

ENS introduces new strategic vision for a changing continent

ENS, an African law firm that operates across the Eastern, Western and Southern regions of Africa, has announced the adoption of a refreshed brand to visually underpin the firm’s business strategy.

The strengthened brand identity expresses that the firm is integrally and legitimately a homegrown all-African law firm. Core to the firm’s purpose is to deliver legal solutions for clients in all major industries across the continent.

At a time of accelerating global change, ENS believes it is vital to service clients across sectors and legal jurisdictions, in ways that identify opportunities and sustainable long-term solutions.

“In the face of mounting global challenges – from the escalating crisis of climate change, and the unpredictability of volatile markets, to the increasing scale of global conflicts, we recognise that the needs of our clients are not static, but continuously evolving,” says ENS Chief Executive Mzi Mgudlwa. “It is our mandate to adapt alongside them, transforming these challenges and uncertainties into opportunities. Our commitment is to ensure that our clients are not merely weathering these challenges but are equipped to harness them as catalysts for growth and innovation.”

Mgudlwa describes ENS as a firm vested in Africa, for Africa, having been built through a fully integrated network of African legal professionals joining forces across West, East and Southern Africa.

A key aspect of the firm's business strategy is its commitment to driving the continent forward through an established Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework.

"ENS is more than just a legal services provider. We are here to partner with our clients in navigating the volatility, uncertainty, and complexity of this changing world," says Michael Katz, Chairman of ENS.

The refreshed brand look will see ENSafrica rebranded as ENS. Mgudlwa describes the new branding as affirming the ENS identity as an intrinsically African firm.

"Africa is an integral part of who we are as ENS,” says Mgudlwa. "We are not the African office of a global firm based elsewhere in the world. Our roots are African. We therefore don't need a location identifier to confirm this. ENS is an African law firm by definition."

Katz adds, “We must constantly reformulate how we think within a new world model that brings with it accelerated change. For that reason, we have redefined our purpose so that we are able to deliver what clients need, and that is what our re-brand is all about – turning change into opportunity, through original thinking.”

The refreshed ENS brand solidifies the firm's expert position in handling market change in Africa. With a strong track record of delivering innovative legal solutions on the continent, and a commitment to empowering clients, ENS stands ready to support clients as they shape Africa's commercial future.