Electoral Amendment Act (No. 20 of 1997)

1st January 1997

To amend the Electoral Act, 1993, so as to delete, or amend certain definitions; to repeal obsolete provisions with regard to the erstwhile Transitional Executive Council and temporary voters’ cards; to make a new arrangement asregards the entitlement of persons to vote; to make provision for one nationalcommon voters’ roll at elections for the National Assembly and the legislatures ofthe provinces; to re-regulate the registration of political parties, the proclamationof elections and the submission of of candidates; to amend the provisionsregarding voting stations and counting stations and repeal those regarding foreignvoting stations; to re-deterrnine the provisions regarding places of voting, themanner of voting and special voting; in section 44 to dispense with the provisionsrequiring elections for the National Assembly and those for the legislatures of theprovinces to be held and dealt with together; to repeal the provisions relating to thedetermination of the result of an election for the legislature of a province and to thenumber of seats therein to which registered political parties are entitled followingthe conclusion of an election in which they participated; to repeal the provisionsrelating to (1) the designation of the representatives of registered political parties the respective legislatures following the conclusion of an election (2) thesupplementation of lists of candidates (3) the review of lists of candidates by thoseregistered parties and (4) the filling of vacancies in a legislature; to make newprovision for the destruction of election material after the conclusion of an and for the institution of proceedings on account of the contravention of theElectoral Code of Conduct; to repeal section 74 (relating to the State ElectoralFund) and section 75A (containing obsolete special provisions in relation to the Freedom Party); to restrict or abolish the power of the responsibleMinister to make regulations regarding certain topics; and to make provision formatters connected therewith