Election response: Shifting Political Landscape

30th April 2009 By: Idasa, an African Democracy Institute

After months of anticipation, widespread speculation and tireless campaigning by political parties, the 2009 South African elections have come and gone. As expected, the African National Congress (ANC) has once again been delivered an emphatic mandate to govern, winning 65.9% of the national vote and a majority in eight of the nine provinces.

However, despite the appearance that the political landscape has remained largely the same, the ANC's support base has indeed shifted. For the first time since 1994, the ruling party's support has declined nationally, and in most provinces.

The political context in which the 2009 elections were held was defined by several key issues. Download the full article and discussion above.

By Kate Lefko-Everett, Neeta Misra-Dexter and Justin Sylvester of Idasa.