EFF 2019 Election Manifesto

4th February 2019

EFF 2019 Election Manifesto

The year 2019 marks exactly 25 years since the attainment of political freedom in South Africa.

As observed in the Founding Manifesto of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), political freedom in South Africa has hardly translated into observable economic emancipation.

Black people remain landless, they remain on the margins of economic production and outside of life-enhancing economic participation. The majority of those that participate in the economy do so as suppliers of cheap and easily disposable labour.

Landlessness and joblessness among black South Africans are at crisis levels, posing the biggest challenges that confront South African society today.

While focusing on clear, implementable and decisive programmes for all spheres of governance, the EFF’s emphasis for the 2019 general elections will be on LAND and JOBS. Consequently, the EFF’s theme for the 2019 elections is: OUR LAND AND JOBS NOW.