EFF: EEF statement on the ANC MPs boycott of Makhosi Khoza

15th August 2017

EFF: EEF statement on the ANC MPs boycott of Makhosi Khoza

ANC MP Makhosi Khoza
Photo by: Reuters

The EFF has learned of the boycott of ANC members who sit on the Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration on the basis that it is chaired by Makhosi Khoza.

These ANC MPs have written a letter to the ANC chief whip that because Makhosi Khoza, in their view, defined herself outside the ANC, they refuse to recognize her and thus will not participate in the committee.

Minister Faith Muthambi, who is reported to be using taxpayers money for nepotistic employment in her department, as well as luxurious trips for family and friends, also absconded the Portfolio Committee meeting.

This is clear evidence that ANC Members of Parliament are deliberately trying to collapse the work of parliament to hold corrupt individuals accountable. Their hope was that the meeting would not quorate and thus be unable to proceed and take binding decisions.  Above all, that it will fail to hold Muthambi accountable on her corrupt activities.

In essence the work of parliament is being frustrated by those in the ruling party, who not only won elections but also defended Zuma in the vote of no confidence. They are making sure that parliament looses its capacity to combat corruption.

We want to warn the ANC that in the end, it is not futile motions like that of the DA to collapse parliament that matter. Rather, it is their hellbent efforts to make sure no cabinet member, including Zuma answers to parliament that will make the logic of collapsing parliament inevitable.

If corrupt ministers are free to defy parliament, and ANC MPs are also free to boycott meetings that probe corruption, then it is only fair that the country goes for early elections.


Issued by EFF