Draft Basic Conditions of Employment Bill

1st January 1997

The long wait is over! Here is the Basic Conditions of EmploymentBill, 1997.

We are publishing this Bill for your comment as well as negotiationsat the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC).

The Bill is the product of the debate and discussions triggered bythe Green Paper on published in February 1996. The discussions at NEDLAC have also had a majorinfluence on this Bill for which we thank organised labour and

Policy Proposals for an Employment Standards Statute
We urge you to comment on this Bill to further contribute to ourpositions as we finalise it before submission to Parliament later in theyear. We would appreciate it if your comments could reach us by the endof May 1997.

Let this Bill be discussed and debated in every factory and mine,every farm and community hall, at the JSE and the Church, Mosque and Synagogue.In short let us enter into consultations.