Daily podcast - September 29, 2009

29th September 2009 By: Amy Witherden

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
From Creamer Media in Johannesburg, I'm Bradley Dubbelman.
Making headlines:
President Jacob Zuma will meet more than 1 000 police station commanders from across the country in Pretoria today, a week after the release of crime statistics painted a grim picture.
The President will share his vision for fighting crime with the station commissioners, and obtain from them a first hand account of work in the field.
The latest crime statistics showed that about 50 people are murdered in South Africa a day, while business robberies increased by 41,5% and house robberies by 27,3%.
Zuma will discuss with the police "how to take forward the fight against crime".

Group of 20 (G20) leaders must give their negotiators more flexibility to let them reach a global trade deal and conclude the long-running Doha Round, says World Trade Organisation (WTO) DG Pascal Lamy.
Renewed promises by leaders from the G20 major economies at their Pittsburgh summit to reach a deal were not enough, he said, these leaders must act.
The G20 leaders have backed an intensive programme over the next three months to close the remaining gaps and then assess the possibility of wrapping up a deal next year, as targeted. Leaders and ministers have made a string of promises this year to conclude the Doha Round in 2010, but negotiators are expressing frustration that their governments are not giving them the flexibility needed to reach a deal.

South Africa's fiscal and monetary policy response to the global recession has been relatively large, despite the fact that no formal stimulus or emergency response plan has ever been activated. Still, gross domestic product (GDP) is likely to contract by 2,1% in 2009, says Absa Capital's head of research Jeff Gable.
Speaking at the release of the Barclays-affiliated group's September quarter economic research report, Gable said that, "possibly despite ourselves", South Africa has pursued the "right policies at the right time" as the global recession struck.
The size of the fiscal response can be seen in the fact that South Africa's fiscal surplus of around 1% in 2007/8 has been entirely undone. In fact, Absa Capital is now forecasting a "ballooning" of the deficit to 7,7% in 2009/10, as tax revenues fall.

Also making headlines:
Nestlé Zimbabwe confirms buying milk from Grace Mugabe's dairy farms
The World Food Programme says that it faces 'a moment of distress' to feed the hungry.
The Independent Democrats welcome President Jacob Zuma's comments on HIV/Aids.
And, Muammar Gaddafi and Hugo Chavez seek a new definition of terrorism.

That's a roundup of news making headlines today.