Daily podcast - October 12, 2009

12th October 2009 By: Amy Witherden

Monday, October 12, 2009
From Creamer Media in Johannesburg, I'm Amy Witherden.
Making headlines:
Judge Sandile Ngcobo started his first day as Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court today, alongside four new judges appointed by President Jacob Zuma at the weekend.
The new judges are: Sisi Khampepe, Chris Jafta, Johan Froneman and Mogoeng Mogoeng.
The President has also paid tribute to the four outgoing judges for their selfless contribution to the legal fraternity, the development of South Africa's constitutional democracy and upholding the rule of law. The outgoing judges are: Chief Justice Pius Langa, Yvonne Mokgoro, Kate O'Regan and Albie Sachs.

The boom in global trade over the last two decades has not improved the quality of most jobs in poorer countries, said the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and United Nations International Labour Organisation (ILO) in a joint report.
The report found that most workers in developing countries continue to face low incomes and limited job security, even in sectors tied to exports. While international trade grew to represent more than 60% of global gross domestic product in 2007, the number of informal workers has stayed constant or even grown in poorer States.
WTO DG Pascal Lamy and ILO chief Juan Somavia say that even in the formal economy, a growing number of workers are undeclared or work under precarious conditions.
These outcomes are likely to worsen as a result of the global financial crisis.

The land in South Africa has been stolen from its people, said African National Congress Youth League president Julius Malema on Friday.
Speaking at a conference of the Black Management Forum, Malema spoke of the willing buyer-willing seller idea in pre-1999 negotiations. "But now we must say we can't buy the land from you because you stole it from us," he said.
Malema added that political freedom means nothing if the people do not control the means of production, which are still in the hands of white males.

Also making headlines:
Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali promises democracy and jobs if re-elected.
South African President Jacob Zuma backs a change in the Criminal Procedure Act.
And, Madagascan President Andry Rajoelina names a new Prime Minister.
That's a roundup of news making headlines today.