Daily podcast - March 16, 2009

16th March 2009 By: Amy Witherden

Monday, March 16, 2009
From Creamer Media in Johannesburg, I'm Amy Witherden.
Making headlines:
Six weeks before South Africa goes to the polls, political analyst Aubrey Matshiqi says that the Congress of the People seems to be faltering, while the African National Congress is suffering little fallout from the legal cloud hovering over Jacob Zuma.
The Centre for Policy Studies analyst said that morality would not be a key factor in the April elections. For this reason, he said that Cope has misjudged the mood by fielding Bishop Mvume Dandala as a counterweight to Zuma.
Matshiqi said that the ANC would lose some support over the corruption charges against Zuma stemming from the arms deal, but not where it matters most, namely its mass support base.
Matshiqi also predicted that the protracted, politically fraught case against Zuma was unlikely to ever go to trial.

In Zimbabwean news, President Robert Mugabe said at the weekend that the unity government formed with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change will bring stability to the country. He also warned against resurgent political violence.
However, the arrest of a senior MDC official underscores persistent tensions within the power-sharing government, despite recent conciliatory gestures from both sides.
Mugabe said that the inclusive government has been formed to bring stability, peace and harmony to Zimbabwe. He emphasised that political violence must end, saying that those who persist with acts of violence are the enemies of Zimbabwe.

Back home, Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille has promised to attack "ANC corruption" no matter the consequences.
Responding to a complaint laid against her with the Human Rights Commission by Congress of South African Trade Union Western Cape provincial secretary Tony Ehrenreich, Zille said that she will continue to tell the truth about the African National Congress because it is in South Africa's interests to do so.
In his complaint, Ehrenreich said that Zille was "recklessly endangering the South African people and their international interest" because South Africa's development is linked to its ability to attract foreign investment.
Zille says that criticising the ANC and its government is part of her role as an opposition politician. She says that the DA will do its job whether Tony Ehrenreich and the ANC like it or not. She would not let South Africa become a banana republic.

Also making headlines:
Pope Benedict visits Africa to urge the world not to forget those most in need of aid.
Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change is 'shell-shocked' at Gauteng MEC Dorothy Mahlangu comments about Zimbabwean refugees being sheltered at Johannesburg's Central Methodist Church.
And, African National Congress President Jacob Zuma takes his election campaign to the Rhema church.

That's a roundup of news making headlines today.