DA: Zakhele Mbhele MP, Address by DA Shadow Minister of the Presidency, during his Budget Vote Speech, Parliament (20/05/22)

20th May 2022 By: Sane Dhlamini - Creamer Media Senior Contributing Editor and Researcher

Year after year, ANC governments have announced plans and programmes but fallen short on achieving them to address South Africa’s governance, social and economic challenges. We have been witness to anever ending stream of promises without performance, intentions without implementation, and policies
without political will.

Economic growth is in chronic stagnation, job creation is in reverse gear, and the opportunities, and increasingly the stomachs, of too many of our people are shrinking in the face of our current crisis of rising living costs and food insecurity. The prospect of hope is rapidly shrinking, and the future for the
youth and most vulnerable is a dark and gloomy horizon.


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