DA: Werner: Address by DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Budget Vote on Justice, Parliament (17/05/2022)

17th May 2022

The proper functioning of the justice system of any country is a precondition for the type of investor confidence and economic growth our country desperately needs so that jobs can be created, poverty could be reduced and, in simple terms so that hunger and destitute can be prevented.

This debate takes place not only within this context but also within the context of a very serious regression during the state capture years, in the capacity and performance of every single institution, except for Legal Aid South Africa, benefiting from this budget vote.

Three years into our current five-year term it, unfortunately, would seem that we are only seeing a tinkering around the edges of crumpled, keeled over and ever ailing institutions.

A few examples:

Problem number one: A fiasco of bad advice, poor litigation outcomes, money wastage, and possible corruption at the state law advisers.

The identified solution: Appoint a solicitor-general, heads of offices and ensure policy reform. The outcome: appoint only an acting solicitor-general, causing hesitancy and preventing bold, decisive moves, appoint heads of offices, but hamstring them by showing no urgency on policy reform.

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