DA: Statement by Eddie Barlow, Democratic Alliance Madibeng Councillor, on overseas trip for cadres to Russia (12/12/2012)

12th December 2012

The municipality of Madibeng is planning another overseas trip for cadres, this time to Russia, despite the fact that the municipality is technically bankrupt.

The Executive Mayor, Municipal Manager and the Speaker have been on a “capacity building” visit to Brazil in June this year. The visit to Russia has been approved despite the fact that no report on the visit to Brazil and the costs involved has been submitted to council.

In its approval of the forthcoming visit the Council determined that “additional funds must be sourced” if sufficient funds are not available under the current budget vote.  The provision for out of pocket expenses only, excluding accommodation and travel, is $133 per day per person.
The DA councillors, who opposed the motion, plans to take legal action in an effort to stop the waste of ratepayers’ money. The party maintains that the Speaker violated the rules of procedure in refusing a counter proposal.