DA: Statement by Anchen Dreyer, Democratic Alliance shadow minister of public works and administration, on the Western Cape’s 100% submissions compliance rate (28/11/2010)

28th November 2010

The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomes Minister of Public Service and Administration Richard Baloyi’s open praise for the DA’s Western Cape administration, which he has applauded during a presentation on non-compliance of Directors-General in respect of the Financial Disclosures Framework Act. Minister Baloyi cited the DA-governed Western Cape’s 100% compliance rate in its submissions in terms of the Act as a powerful example of what happens when the right “management” and “political authority” are in place.

He said at the meeting:

“…with the Western Cape at 100 (percent) it is possible, but what does it take? It takes management. […] You just need to have management intervention to get things done and it is possible, right from the top right to the lowest level, is just to have managers doing this. […] Of course it is not only management you should have, you also need a political authority. You need a political authority to actually enforce these things.”

(Audio clip – see 01:31:30.)

In sharp contrast to the DA’s performance, a woeful 42% compliance rate was achieved nationally in submissions from all government departments by the deadline date, and in several ANC provinces the compliance rate was far lower. Gauteng, for instance, achieved a dismal compliance rate of just 21%, and in the Free State only 19% of forms were submitted by due date.

These trends cannot be allowed to continue if the public service is to start reversing its poor record of delivery, and the Minister is correct to point out that the status quo simply is not good enough, and that if the DA’s administration can achieve full compliance, then ANC administrations can do so too.

The DA challenges the Zuma administration to put forward practical measures and timeframes to achieve the same level of compliance in ANC-run provinces as in the Western Cape.

In the provincial and municipal administrations where we govern, we have showed that we deliver services to all South Africans to the highest standard. This past week, the Universal Household Access to Basic Services report, a document compiled by the National Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, showed the DA’s City of Cape Town is the best performing local government administration in the country in every service delivery metric.

The DA also achieved a clean sweep of 25 unqualified audits for the past financial year – in contrast to the ANC’s performance the previous year, when no clean audit reports were achieved at all.

Gwede Mantashe said not too long ago: “I credit the DA, they have experienced councillors and they run circles around ours.” The same is clearly the case in provincial government, where the DA’s commitment to serving the public, and the ANC’s commitment to serving cadres, has seen a gulf in delivery performance emerge between DA and ANC administrations.

South Africans face a choice between a party that, since coming to power in 1994, has consistently failed to deliver even the most basic services, or a party that has a proven record of delivery excellence and championing basic services to the poor that stands out for all to see.