DA Gauteng election poster launch marks readiness to govern

5th March 2024

DA Gauteng election poster launch marks readiness to govern

Gauteng Premier candidate Solly Msimanga

The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Gauteng Premier Candidate, Solly Msimanga MPL, unveiled the 2024 Gauteng Provincial Election posters today. This unveiling marks our readiness to change the political landscape of Gauteng, come the 29th of May.

At this point, change is no longer an option but a critical necessity. Gauteng is the heartland of the South African economy, and despite the wishful thinking by some that business will stick around despite government failure, we know that to not be true.

The Johannesburg CBD and Sandton City stand are two glaring examples of this. Once the CBD started to rot, and an alternative was presented, businesses big and small alike jumped ship. Gauteng is no longer the only place in the country where businesses can find a haven.

We must prevent the same from happening to the entire province. The only way we will do that is by voting out an uncaring government and replacing it with one that is not just fit for purpose, but ready to govern.

The only party that has both the track record and capabilities to do so is the DA.

We have a plan, we have effective policies in place, and we have a manifesto that is filled with tangible solutions to the very real challenges we face.

We do not make unattainable promises nor do we care to. Our goals and commitments to the people of Gauteng, and South Africa at large will rescue our country.


Issued by Solly Msimanga MPL - DA Gauteng Premier Candidate