DA condemns no-confidence vote against Mangaung Speaker

21st September 2023

DA condemns no-confidence vote against Mangaung Speaker

The Democratic Alliance (DA) expresses its disappointment regarding the recent vote of No Confidence in Speaker Maryke Davies by the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality Council. The vote undermines the fundamental principles of democracy and accountability. It is of utmost importance that the municipality refocuses its efforts on addressing the needs and concerns of its citizens instead of engaging in political manoeuvring.

The ANC, in its attempt to hold onto power, has created an unprecedented standard by using misleading and false accusations as the basis for the Motion of No Confidence. Additionally, the ANC's acting Speaker for the day chose to ignore DA Cllr Dirk Kotze's five-minute speaking period by cutting it short, demonstrating its contempt for rules and regulations. This strategy not only undermines the integrity of the political process but also raises concerns about the ANC's commitment to democratic values. By resorting to such tactics, the ANC risks eroding public trust and further polarising the divided political landscape.

During her tenure as Speaker, she demonstrated an unwavering commitment to ensuring the efficient operation of the council, guided by a set of core values including freedom, fairness, opportunity, and diversity. Cllr Maryke Davies, as the Speaker of the Council, has demonstrated impartiality in defending the rights and privileges of all members. She upheld the principles of freedom of expression and based her rulings on relevant legislation. Throughout her tenure, she remained neutral, ensuring that the Standing Rules and Orders were respected, fostering an environment for democratic debate. Her integrity has been commendable, marking a significant and rare occurrence in the 14 years of my career as a councillor in this Mangaung Metro Council.

The actions of the ANC in undermining the council's effectiveness reveal a willingness to prioritize their own political power over the well-being of the community. We will consult with our legal teams and leaders to determine the best course of action regarding the legality of the motion that was passed by the council. The DA calls for the municipality to place the interests of its citizens at the forefront of its agenda. Our commitment to a thriving and inclusive democracy remains unwavering, and we will continue to advocate for accountable and transparent governance in Mangaung.


Issued by Johan Pretorius - Leader of the DA Mangaung Caucus