DA calls for urgent upgrade of electrical infrastructure in Mantsopa

29th September 2023

The Democratic Alliance (DA) noted with grave concern the deteriorating state of the electrical infrastructure in Excelsior and Tweespruit, both of which fall under the jurisdiction of the Mantsopa Local Municipality (MLM). We are committed to putting pressure on the municipality to ensure the prompt and effective maintenance and upgrade of the electrical infrastructure.

Over the years, this vital infrastructure has suffered from neglect and substandard maintenance, pushing it to the brink of collapse. Residents endure frequent and extended power outages due to seemingly minor issues.

The root of the problem is that MLM employs only one electrician, who is stationed in Ladybrand and must cover multiple towns, including Excelsior and Tweespruit a distance of more than 100km covering more than four thousand kilometres per month, to address electrical problems adding to fuel and overtime costs of the municipality. Consequently, there are unacceptably long delays in resolving these issues. These prolonged power interruptions are not only an inconvenience but also result in economic losses for businesses and residents, exacerbating the economic strain imposed by the ANC government's loadshedding.

Despite numerous appeals, both verbal and written, from the DA to MLM to establish a comprehensive infrastructure renewal strategy, little action has been taken. Maintenance efforts have been reactive, occurring only when breakdowns occur.

We believe that only a well-managed municipality can rectify these pressing issues. Additionally, we will submit Rule 38 questions to the council for detailed plans on how the municipality will address the crisis.


Issued by Dewald Hattingh - DA Councillor Mantsopa Local Municipality