Cosatu: Statement by Phindile Kunene, Congress of South African Trade Unions spokesperson, denying reports that it plans to establish its own youth league (03/10/2011)

3rd October 2011

COSATU notes and distances itself from the City Press report (02 October 2011) which claims that the Federation is embarking on a plan to launch its own youth league.
We wish to place it on record that COSATU has no plans to launch its own youth political wing. There is also no interim leadership structure of the purported youth league in place.
The COSATU 10th National Congress resolved that Federation should establish youth desks. Some COSATU affiliates and provinces have undertaken this task with enthusiasm and dedication.
Young workers are at the coalface of the triple challenge of unemployment, poverty and inequality.
Young people constitute 72% of the total unemployment rate. Young workers are also subjected to a variety of exploitative and atypical forms of employment under labour brokers subcontracted and outsourced companies.
Many young people still toil in factories and farms, die in the mines and are permanent temps in the retail and wholesale sectors. It is this reality that led us to the decision to establish youth desks.
COSATU youth desks are therefore part of an endeavor to ensure that the Federation is proactive and responsive to the challenges facing young workers.
These youth desks also have the responsibility to ensure that young workers join COSATU unions operating in their respective sectors.
The Federation will, consistent with its long standing resolutions, continue to encourage young workers to join and actively participate in the ANCYL and the Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA).
Issued by Phindile Kunene