Correctional Services Amendment Act, 1993 (Act 68 of 1993)

18th August 1993

To amend the Correctional Services Act, 1959, so as to define or further define certain expressions and to delete certain definitions; to regulate the structure of institutional committees and parole boards; to provide for the utilization of experts who are not members of the Department; to regulate the promotion and transfer of members; to provide for the granting of monetary or other rewards to persons who are not members of the Department 1 but who promote the interests of the Department; to further regulate the granting and withdrawal of prisoners' privileges; to regulate the earning of credits by prisoners; to provide for the recapture of prisoners who were released erroneously; to regulate disciplinary hearings of prisoners by institutional committees; to define the powers, functions and duties of correctional boards, parole boards, institutional committees and the National Advisory Council on Correctional Services; to regulate the placement of prisoners on parole; to define the powers of the State President and the Minister with regard to special releases and remissions of sentence; to provide for special measures to reduce the prison population; to regulate the placement on parole or release of prisoners on medical grounds; to regulate the use of isolation cells; to authorize the payment of boarding fees by prisoners on daily parole; to extend the power of the Minister to delegate; to provide for the regulation of labour relations in the Department; and to empower the Minister to make regulations regarding the general administration and management of prisons, the manner in which certain sentences are to be served and the attendance of witnesses at Departmental hearings; to amend the Prisons Amendment Act, 1978, so as to delete obsolete expressions; and to provide for matters connected therewith.