Cope: Statement by Phillip Dexter, Congress of the People spokesperson, on Julius Malema (02/10/2009)

2nd October 2009

COPE statement on Julius Malema's assertion that Hermaphrodites are a "Western Myth".

The Congress of the People would like to express its indignation at Julius Malema's assertions that hermaphrodites are an imperialist plot forced onto Africans by the west. That we even have to entertain his latest idiotic outburst with a formal statement is a damning indictment of the lack of control the ANC have over this so-called leader, who is clearly a stalking horse for the leadership of the ruling party. COPE calls on the ANC leadership to condemn Julius Malema for this reactionary statement as his most recent outburst reflects badly on the country as a whole. This latest half-witted lunacy makes even HIV / AIDS denialism, "showergate" and the assertion that vegetables are more effective than anti-retrovirals seem tame in comparison.

If the latest reports that Julius Malema wants to operate a national radio station are true, we are torn between anticipating the comedic potential of this venture, and the effect of the horrific divisive vitriol that will be unleashed on our airwaves by this infantile populist.