Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Second Amendment Bill (B 78-2001)

10th May 2001

To amend the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, so as—
— to provide for the introduction, only by the Cabinet member responsible for national financial matters, of certain financial legislation in the National Assembly;
— to extend the definition of a money Bill;
— to provide for national supervision of local administration if a municipality fails to comply with an obligation in terms of legislation or the Constitution;
— to further regulate national supervision of provincial administration;
— to extend the principle that provinces’ equitable share of revenue raised nationally are direct charges against the National Revenue Fund, to local  government’s equitable share;
— to further regulate the withholding of funds by the national treasury if organs of state commit a serious and material breach of legislation prescribing treasury norms and standards;
— to provide that the enactment of national framework legislation governing the policies of organs of state on preferential procurement should be obligatory;
— to provide for the enactment of national framework legislation in connection with the withdrawal of money as direct charges against a Provincial Revenue Fund and certain payments from a Provincial Revenue Fund to municipalities;
— to reduce the number of members of the Financial and Fiscal Commission and to change the appointment procedure;
— to make further provision for the regulation of municipal and provincial borrowing powers; and
— to provide for matters connected therewith.