Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Amendment Act (No. 34

1st January 2001

To amend  the  Constitution of the  Republic of South  Africa, 1996, so as  to  change the title of the  President of the  Constitutional  Court  to  that of Chief  Justice;  to provide for  the offices of Deputy  Chief  Justice,  President of the  Supreme  Court of Appeal and Deputy  President of the  Supreme  Court of Appeal;  to  provide  for  the extension of the  term of office of a  Constitutional  Court  judge;  to  further  regulate the  appointment of Deputy  Ministers;  to  make  provision  for  municipal  borrowing powers and to  enable  a  Municipal  Council  to  bind  itself and a  future  Council  in  the exercise of its  legislative and executive  authority  to  secure  loans or investments for the municipality;  and  to  provide  for  matters  connected  therewith.