Concerns mount over deteriorating road conditions in Clarens

22nd January 2024

The scenic town of Clarens, in the Free State, is currently facing significant challenges due to the deteriorating condition of its roads. It has been reported that the gravel roads in the area have been graded to such an extent that extensive amounts of quarry are now required for repairs. This has presented a major obstacle as the previous source of quarry from a local farm is no longer available.

In addition to the gravel roads, the asphalt roads in Clarens have been plagued by poorly repaired potholes, which resurface after the first rainfall. This cycle of quick deterioration and re-emergence of potholes has not only resulted in a waste of taxpayers’ funds but has also led to a decline in the town’s reputation as a tourist destination. Visitors have reported negative experiences due to the challenging road infrastructure, which has led to a decline in Clarens’ status as a premier tourist hotspot.

Both residents and tourists have expressed frustration over the lack of action by the Dihlabeng Local Municipality to address these issues. The community has taken matters into its own hands by filing potholes and painting road markings, tasks that are typically the responsibility of the municipality.

Local authorities have to prioritise the repair and maintenance of Clarens’ roads to ensure the safety and convenience of residents and visitors. The passing of an unfunded budget, has raised doubts about the municipality’s ability to allocate resources to address the road infrastructure problems in Clarens. We urge the municipality to review this during the upcoming adjustment budget cycle.

We pledge to assist the community in their effort to improve the town and will monitor the situation, emphasising the importance of prioritising the repairs and maintenance of Clarens’ roads to ensure the safety and convenience of all road users. The DA is committed to working with local authorities to find swift and effective solutions to the town’s pressing road infrastructure concerns.


Issued by Irene Rugheimer - DA Councillor Dihlabeng Local Municipality