Awakening Encounters – Nobakhethwa 'Ketty' Setjeo

3rd December 2019

Awakening Encounters – Nobakhethwa 'Ketty' Setjeo

Nobakhethwa 'Ketty' Setjeo

This book is a reflection of a life of redemption. None of us are born perfect, in fact John 3:16 highlights how imperfect we are that only God's perfect love could save us. The sins we are born into makes us realise that we are but broken vessels with no hope for a future. This book, therefore, seeks to bring hope to those who, because of their past experiences, feels lost and unloved.


Ketty is a wife, mother of three, a daughter and a sister. She is a teacher of the Word of God, a councillor and a mentor. She is also fashion designer and businesswoman. She studied theology at the Rosebank Bible College, Umdali Bible School, Public Relations and Human Resources and has further pursued a degree in Theology with Hebron Theological College.

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