ANCYL: Statement by Magdalene Moonsamy, African National Congress Youth League spokesperson, expressing the passing of Fatima Meer (13/03/2010)

13th March 2010

The ANCYL grieves the passing of an ANC veteran and and anti-apartheid struggle stalwart Cde Fatima Meer who served the South African society by dedicating her life to the struggle against injustice and oppression.

The ANCYL appreciates the role played by Cde Meer as a advocate for the rights of women, an academic, Human Rights activist, and cadre of the ANC.

Cde Fatima Meer has contributed to the strengthening of race relations in South Africa and began her political activism during her youth. From early days she identified the need for promoting justice and reconciliation.

The nation has lost a valuable contributor in the shaping of our Democracy. The ANCYL conveys its condolences to the family and friends on her passing and pays tribute to a life fully lived.

It is the calibre of Cde Meer's bravery and selflessness that must continue to inspire the fighting spirit of the young people of South Africa. In the passing of a heroine of our struggle young people must continue to fight for the developmental trajectory aspired to by our fallen heroes.