ANC: Statement by Ishmael Mnisi, African National Congress spokesperson, denying Jackson Mthembu sang the song “kill the boer, kill the farmer” (12/02/2010)

12th March 2010

The African National Congress (ANC) would like
to correct today (12 March 2010) media report alleging that the ANC National
Spokesperson, Cde Jackson Mthembu, referred and sung the song "kill the
boer, kill the farmer", in support of the ANCYL President, Julius Malema
when addressing the University of the Witwatersrand student on Wednesday,
10 March.

At no stage did Cde Jackson Mthembu refer or sing the song "kill
the boer, kill the farmer" but instead he sung the song "Ayesaba amagwala",
which the ANC YL, President, Cde Julius Malema sung at the Wits

Our overview is that the reporter who reported on this matter and
who interacted with our Spokesperson does not know the difference between
the two songs.

This song, like many songs which were sung during the
struggle days are part of our history and heritage and the songs have not
been outlawed. It will therefore be disingenuous for anyone to say cde
Julius Malema is racist or calling for the attack on any race group in the
country by singing this song.