Air Services Licensing Amendment Act (No. 83 of 1995)

1st January 1995

To amend the Air Services Licensing Act, 1990, so as to amend a definition and to define certain expressions; to delete the provision in terms of which the Air Service Licensing Council may hold a meeting in camera; to further regulate the operation of an air service; to extend the conditions under which a licensee has to apply for the amendment of a licence; to further regulate the processing of a licence; to further regulate the adjudication of an application for a licence or amendment thereof; to extend the conditions upon which a licence is issued; to provide for the approval of an operations manual; to further regulate the duties of the licensee; to provide for the manner in which a person may appeal against a decision by the Air Service Licensing Council or the Commissioner for Aviation; to further regulate certain offences and penalties; and to extend and to further regulate the power of the Minister to make regulations; and to provide for matters connected therewith.