AfriForum: Statement by Reg Crewe, Afriforum Head of Community Safety, Vryburg launches community patrols (05/11/2012)

5th November 2012

AfriForum Vryburg has launched the first of a series of safety initiatives in Vryburg with the help of the business community and residents.
AfriForum’s Community Safety Coordinator, Reg Crewe, said the first step was to involve the community and to bring all role-players together to look at short-, medium- and long-term solutions to crime.
At the launch of the community patrols, which took place on Friday evening, a radio and communication network among residents and an active community patrol group were launched. This group will act as the eyes and ears of the community in assisting the police.
Community patrols create a visible presence and give residents greater peace of mind. Members of the community are therefore committed to being active participants in the patrols.
The Vryburg police were absent during the launch of the community patrols. ‘Community members were disappointed when police failed to participate in the first patrol. It would go a long way to restore the community’s faith in SAPS Vryburg if the police showed an interest in community initiatives. One would have thought that the station commissioner would have been overjoyed at the additional resources to fight crime, but this does not appear to be the case,’ Crewe said.
The AfriForum Community Safety Plan is the first of many plans that will be implemented in the months to come. Communities who wish to get on board can contact AfriForum. Citizens’ right to safety in their communities is non-negotiable and entrenched in the Constitution. It is AfriForum’s aim to make sure all its members have access to safety plans and structures and to offer support where necessary.