Africa is not yet free until Western Sahara is free

4th November 2022

The people of Western Sahara deserve to have their voices heard.

Allowing and opening up democratic processes is the only way in which the will of the people can be determined in an area along Africa’s Atlantic coast that has a population of about 600,000 residents, according to UN estimates.

The term of office of the Referendum Committee that was established by the United Nations is expiring at the end of October 2022. AL JAMAH is concerned that the end of term could lead to the end of the ceasefire and the beginning of an arms struggle.

The recent visit to South Africa, by Western Sahara’s President Brahim Ghali is very important, as Western Sahara needs a two-thirds majority to extend the term of office of the referendum agreement.
Just as with the South African's fight against apartheid, the people of Western Sahara, have the power to end the unscrupulous occupation of a vast stretch of phosphate-rich desert that is controlled by Morocco needs to be challenged. The international community has long backed a referendum to be held to decide Western Sahara's status, but Morocco continues to reject any vote in which independence is an option. It wants to continue to defend its interests and use all the means at its disposal.

Now is the time for action and the end of the silence that persists in the world about the struggle for self-determination for the people of Western Sahara. Our volume against this oppression needs to increase and messaging needs to be clearer.  We need to be firm and unapologetic about our support for the Sahrawi people. Let the people’s voices be heard.

We are also in support of that and, are prepared to march in demonstration against this unjust occupation. Western Sahara needs backing and support to end this bullying that has been going on for years.
We would like to urge President Ramaphosa to keep promises made to President Ghali.

Just as in South Africa’s fight for liberation, lives have been lost and we need to silence the guns that have long caused havoc in our continent. We need to end this occupation of an African country by another African country. Both two countries practice Islam, we cannot allow a situation where two African countries are at war with one another, which goes against the African Union's vision for the United States of Africa.

Written by AL JAMAH party leader and a member of Parliament, Ganief Hendricks