Administration of Estates Laws Interim Rationalisation Act (No. 20

1st January 2001

To amend  the  Administration of Estates  Act, 1965, so as  to  delete  certain definitions,  substitute  other  definitions  ,and  insert  new  definitions;  and  to  substitute obsolete  references;  to  make  the  Administration of Estates  Act, 1965, applicable throughout  the  Republic;  to  repeal  corresponding  laws  in  force  in  the  areas of the former  Republics of Transkei,  Bophuthatswana,  Venda  and  Ciskei;  to  amend  the Insolvency  Act, 1936, so as  to  alter  certain  amounts;  to  amend  the  Age of Majority Act, 1972, so as  to  delete  an  obsolete  reference;  and  to  provide  for  matters connected  therewith.