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What are your rights within the context of COVID-19?

26th March 2020 As the COVID-19 pandemic tightens its grip on South Africa and a 21-day national lockdown is implemented, companies, employers and employees across the country are hastily navigating a minefield of unfamiliar working conditions and stringent new Regulations that cut across multiple areas of law.... 

Taking Identity Management Seriously – Self Sovereign Identities

23rd March 2020 As humans we have embraced the digital and electronic developments and changes of the last two decades with almost zero resistance. Trust has shifted away from where it was once necessary to meet people face to face to discuss critical issues, to where we use digital platforms on our computers... 

Video Conferencing

16th March 2020 Legal practitioners are creatures of tradition and certainty. They prefer all rules to be codified and all legislation to be clear. They yearn for certainty and frown upon ambiguity within contracts, laws and especially legal proceedings. Thus there is a call for the codification of video... 

Uncovering hidden assets – can online tools make asset discovery easier?

16th March 2020 Whether acting for an individual on a divorce, a creditor trying to recover a bad debt or a client in a civil lawsuit, litigators need to be on the ball regarding the discovery of assets. The joy of winning a lawsuit for your client can quickly turn sour on discovery that the respondent has no... 

It’s high time we took cannabis seriously

16th March 2020 The recent Constitutional Court ruling in the matter of Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development and others v Prince and others [2018] JOL 40399 (CC) (the Prince matter) was welcomed by many South Africans. The highest court in the land held that sections 22(A)(9)(a)(i) & 22A (10) of... 

The Heat Is On... And It’s Time For Business To Take Action Around Climate Change – Part 3

9th March 2020 In Part 3 of this three-part series, Justine Sweet talks Big Business Big business takes notice 
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