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Better health care access for all: The regulation of telemedicine in South Africa

19th March 2019 It is widely expected that telemedicine services will gain more traction and prominence in the South African health care environment in the coming months and years. The adoption of new technologies, such as the rollout of 5G mobile networks across the country, will only serve to encourage the use... 

Purpose and simple language take precedence

19th March 2019 On 14 March 2019, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) dismissed an appeal by Centriq Insurance Company Ltd (Centriq) against a ruling of the Free State High Court holding liable a financial advisor under a professional indemnity insurance policy. The SCA held that Centriq could not rely on an... 

In year of elections, will African countries get the investor vote?

6th February 2019 The world, including investors, will keep a close eye on the various national elections to be held in Africa this year. The lead up and aftermath of national polls usually comes with uncertainty, something which investors tend to avoid if possible. National elections have recently been completed... 

Will guidelines on strike and lock-out balloting assist in curbing long and drawn-out or violent strikes?

24th January 2019 Our immediate answer is "it remains to be seen". This is simply because the guidelines are new and their implementation is yet to be tested. In particular, a question remains whether any trade union or employer organisation will take advantage of and make use of these guidelines in order to... 

Africa 2019 – The Optimist's View

8th January 2019 Is there a new scramble for Africa? Why should Africa be confident? These and other questions are eloquently ventilated at the plethora of Africa Investment conferences – including our own Hogan Lovells Africa forums in London and Johannesburg –and 2018 has been no different. 

Understanding the local cannabis industry – “weeding” out confusion

10th December 2018 Following the recent landmark decision of the South African Constitutional Court, in which the private and personal use of cannabis was decriminalised, together with the publication of guidelines regarding the cultivation of cannabis for medical, scientific and clinical research purposes, an... 
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