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Kenya PNU: Kibaki: Speech on the occasion of the launch of the Party of National Unity's manifesto (10/11/2007)

10th November 2007


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Date: 10/11/2007
Source: Kenyan Government
Title: Kenya PNU: Kibaki: Speech on the occasion of the launch of the Party of National Unity's manifesto


Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am pleased to be here today for the launch of the Manifesto of the Party of National Unity. This is a historic occasion that will go down in Kenya's history as a major turning point in the political, social, and economic development of this great nation.

Today, we are setting forth a bold platform as the Party of National Unity that will change the lives of every Kenyan forever. We are mapping out a bright future for this great nation that is real, tangible and achievable. We have made many commitments, but we are confident of achieving them because we have demonstrated our ability to deliver on the pledges we make to the people.


We are therefore here to declare to all Kenyans, through our manifesto, that the Party of National Unity represents the best hope for this nation. This is a party that stands for a prosperous, secure and equitable future for all. It is a party whose highest priority shall be the welfare of our people, and in particular the youth.

The Party of National Unity brings together all communities and regions, giving each one of them a political voice and a place at the table in decision-making. I wish to let every mwananchi know that the Party of National Unity will provide everyone of them with equal access to economic and social opportunities so that they can contribute towards baking a larger and richer national cake.

Indeed, the PNU's policies will provide equitable access to larger slices of the much larger and growing national cake. We have achieved this by implementing strategies that promote devolution of resources for more equitable economic and social development.

For this reason, we are committed to an effective central Government that truly cares for the less fortunate, and which protects the less endowed regions and communities, while at the same time ensuring that all Kenyans, whether rich or poor are treated equally, fairly and justly.

We stand for strong and accountable devolved structures at the grassroots that ensure that economic, financial, and social development is promoted equitably in every constituency, local authority, and district of this great Republic.

This is because we in the PNU see Kenya as one body, with many organs and limbs made up of different communities, regions, and institutions, but all of which must work together for the good of the country and the People of Kenya. We therefore reject policies whose aim is to dismember our country.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our commitment as the Party of National Unity will be to implement policies that will ensure that no Kenyan is left behind. Indeed, no corner of Kenya will be accorded preferential treatment or discriminated against in terms of economic and social development.

All Kenyans are equally important to us which is why we will pay special attention to developing our country's human capital with a dedicated focus on the youth, women, the physically and mentally challenged, and the children.

Our ultimate objective is for all Kenyans to receive a 14 years basic education, access decent shelter, obtain enough food, have a decent job with a decent wage, and live in a peaceful and secure society.

To this end, we as the Party of National Unity have developed ten pledges that we shall implement once we form the Government during our second term of stewardship of this country, and this would form our contract with the people of Kenya.

Pledge No. 1: We will ensure that every child, poor or rich, normal or with special needs, will receive free basic education that will include free primary education as well as free secondary and pre-primary education. We will also ensure that our youth receive tuition-free technical training in youth polytechnics that will be established in every constituency. For higher education, we will provide affordable student loans for youths in national polytechnics and universities, whether public or private.

Pledge No. 2: A PNU Government will provide every child under five years of age, those enrolled in primary and secondary schools, as well as children with special needs with free treatment in public health facilities, thus giving every single Kenyan child the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong.

Pledge No. 3: We will provide every pregnant woman with free antenatal clinics, free and safe maternity delivery, and free postnatal clinics in our public dispensaries and health centers because we value the lives of every mother and newborn child. This is how we will ensure lower maternal and child mortality rates in our country.

Pledge No. 4: To finance our social services and create decent jobs for our youth and good incomes for our urban and rural families, we will grow the economy to double its current size in the next five years.

Pledge No. 5: To create decent jobs, we will double our investment in infrastructure so that we can build and maintain world-class networks of roads, railways, airports and seaports, power and communications, water supplies, and low cost housing over the next five years. This will create a globally competitive environment for local and international investments in tourism, manufacturing, communications, financial and social services, as well as establishment of value-adding industries in agriculture, livestock production, and fishing in various parts of the country.

Pledge No. 6: To create employment and business opportunities for millions of young people, we will invest in developing the Million Stalls and Sheds Programme by building hawkers' markets, jua kali parks, and small business parks in every city, town and municipality. This will enable us to support and encourage investment and employment in the informal sector with the intention of getting half of them to graduate into formal enterprises.

Pledge No. 7: The PNU Government will recognize community, cultural and religious interests, while at the same time striving to promote cohesion, tolerance and mutual respect for the cultural and religious diversity of our people. We want every Kenyan to feel free, respected, and secure wherever they are in the country and not to be discriminated or harassed on the basis of ethnicity, religion, race, gender or social status.

Pledge No. 8: My administration will ensure that women are assured of more than 30 percent representation in all public appointments and elective positions, and that all minorities are fully represented in our public appointments.

Pledge No. 9: We will ensure the security of all Kenyans and their property by providing for effective security through joint efforts by the police and provincial administration as well as local communities, and by observing and upholding the rule of law, and the sanctity of property rights.

Pledge No. 10: Our Government will implement a devolution strategy that ensures that each part of the country receives its equitable share of economic and social development opportunities, so as to build a society that is cohesive, secure and tolerant. It should not matter which tribe you are from, which religion you belong to, or which region you come from - we are all first and foremost, Kenyans.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We in the Party of National Unity will not make pledges we know we cannot fulfill. We will not mislead the people of Kenya through empty promises and rhetoric. We will not keep changing and contradicting our promises and commitments at every occasion for political convenience. Everything that we have pledged today will be achieved because this is what we truly believe to be good and necessary for this country. We are not saying this merely to win your votes.

I do not wish to recite all that we have achieved in the last five years, but our testimony of achievement in economic, social, and political progress against all odds makes us confident that Kenyans will put their trust in the Party of National Unity to run the affairs of this nation for the next five years. We promise to perform twice as well for the good of Kenyans in the next five years, because of the experience and skills we have acquired since December 2002.

I am keenly aware that our ability to win the coming general elections, and achieve what we have pledged, depends on our Party of National Unity winning and retaining the confidence of the youth. While all of our party's pledges address their needs, such as those in education, health, and creation of employment, we in the Party of National Unity also acknowledge fully the desire, and indeed right of young people to be fully involved in running the affairs of this nation.

I therefore urge our young men and women to come forward in large numbers and to offer their services and talents to the Party of National Unity campaign at all levels. I call on the youth to seize this moment, and make the Party of National Unity the party of choice. More importantly, I want to encourage both young men and women to run for parliamentary and civic nominations under the Party of National Unity throughout the country so that they will be instrumental in the victory we shall win on 27th December.

My own desire is that my next Government will be truly representative of the face of Kenya, by including the youth, women, and minorities in positions of leadership. Together, as one body, we will take our country to greater heights of political, economic, and social development in the next five years.

In closing, I believe the manifesto we are launching today contains the most comprehensive and inclusive vision for making Kenya a stronger and more accountable democracy, with a stronger and more equitable economy that is built on a more cohesive and just society. I urge Kenyans to make this vision a reality, by voting for me next month as the President of this great nation, and for our Party of National Unity as the next Government of the Republic of Kenya.

Thank you, and God Bless You All.


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