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20 September 2014
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11 Aug 2014
Crime networks and governance in Cape Town: the quest for enlightened responses (August 2014)
The state cannot exercise its authority in many areas of Cape Town where organised crime wields significant power, has capitalised on economic opportunities, and can manipulate and corrupt the...
08 Aug 2014
Voter participation in the South African elections of 2014 (August 2014)
South Africa’s fifth general elections in May 2014 concluded the country’s second decade of democracy. Although the African National Congress (ANC) was returned to power with a reduced majority, it...
06 Aug 2014
Strengthening prosecutorial accountability in South Africa (August 2014)
As gatekeepers to the criminal justice system, prosecutors are its most powerful officials. Prosecutors’ considerable discretion – about whom to charge and for which crimes – affects the lives and...
Status and dynamics of the political situation in Burundi (August 2014)
Once hailed as a peacebuilding success story, Burundi has recently experienced escalating political tensions that threaten the stability of country ahead of its 2015 general elections. Frictions...
04 Aug 2014
Limits to supporting security sector interventions in the DRC (August 2014)
Since 2003, the international community has invested considerable resources in keeping the peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Many interventions were focused on supporting security...
29 Jul 2014
Daily podcast – July 29, 2014
US President Barack Obama said African nations should look inward for solutions to economic woes and not make "excuses" based on a history of dependence and colonisation. He was speaking at a...
Peace and Security Council Report No 60 (July 2014)
Peace and Security
A new version of the PSC Report series was launched in July. The monthly publication has been re-designed to improve readability and highlight key issues that the AU Peace and Security Council...
23 Jul 2014
SA: Cyril Ramaphosa: Address by Deputy President of South Africa, on the Occasion of the Presidency Budget Vote, National Assembly, Cape Town (23/07/2014)
The Presidency
It is nearly 18 years since I last stood here to address this house. Much has changed over the years. Sadly many of the people who occupied these benches as members of the first...
22 Jul 2014
SA: Naledi Pandor: Address by the Minister of Science and Technology, on the occasion of the Science and Technology budget vote, Parlimanet, Cape Town (22/07/2014)
Today we celebrate twenty years of freedom and positive progress in advancing research and innovation in the science and technology sector. Some of our many successes include advances in research...
Biological Weapons Convention: Confidence, the prohibition and learning from the past (July 2014)
Confidence in the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) needs to be strengthened. When thinking about how to do this, hard questions must be asked about why confidence building measures aren’t...
17 Jul 2014
SARB: Statement by the South African Reserve Bank, Statement of the Monetary Policy Committee (17/07/2014)
Since the previous meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee, the economic growth outlook has deteriorated against the backdrop of protracted strike action in the mining and manufacturing sectors....
South African Crime Quarterly 48 (July 2014)
Two decades on from 1994 seems an appropriate time to take stock of what has been achieved and where we have fallen short of our own expectations, and identify what remains to be done in South...
15 Jul 2014
SA: Pamela Tshwete: Address by the Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation, on the occasion of the Budget Debate Vote No.38, Parliament, Cape Town (15/07/2014)
Let me take this opportunity to greet you all in the name of the Department of Water and Sanitation. First and foremost, I would like to thank the African National Congress for giving me the...
08 Jul 2014
UJ: Statement by the University of Johannesburg, Minister Naledi Pandor opens South African Institute of Physics conference at UJ (08/07/2014)
The South African discipline of physics grows more complex and more engaged each year. As a country, striving for global competitiveness in the areas of science, technology and innovation, we have...
Semi-arid SA upbringing sensitised ‘Nobel water prize’ winner to the challenge
The South African born and educated recipient of the 2014 Stockholm Water Prize, effectively the ‘Nobel Prize for water’, believes growing up in semi-arid settings helped inculcate in him an acute...
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