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28 January 2015
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25 Nov 2014
Peace and Security Council Report No 64 (November 2014)
Peace and Security
The Peace and Security Council (PSC) intervened in the situation in Burkina Faso following the ousting of former president Blaise Compaoré. It gave the military regime two weeks to hand over power...
24 Nov 2014
'A Transformative Post-2015 Development Agenda' – What role for South Africa?
Followers of the discourse around international development will be aware of the important debates that took place at the UN General Assembly during September 2014. The ambitious theme of the 69th...
Cape Town's underworld: Mapping a protection racket in the central business district (November 2014)
This paper, the first in a series, presents and discusses the characteristics of the structure, actors involved, types of interactions and institutional effects of a criminal network. This case...
20 Nov 2014
Domestic violence in South Africa (November 2014)
South Africa’s response to domestic violence is of relatively recent origin, with 1993 marking both the introduction of the first legal remedy to address domestic violence, and the recognition of...
19 Nov 2014
Renowned SA recipient of ‘Nobel prize for water’ dies
World-renowned South African water engineer and academic Professor John Briscoe, who was the 2014 recipient of the Stockholm Water Prize, also known as the ‘Nobel prize for water’, has died at the...
Rape and other forms of sexual violence in South Africa (November 2014)
The high rate of rape and other forms of sexual violence in South Africa has sparked concern and outrage, leading to law reform, parliamentary debates, marches and campaigns. It has also led to a...
14 Nov 2014
CIGI: Internet access considered human right; multi-stakeholder governance of online world favoured: CIGI-Ipsos global survey including results from South Africa
Eighty-eight percent of Internet users in South Africa, compared with 83% globally, believe affordable access to the Internet should be a basic human right, according to the “CIGI-Ipsos Global...
13 Nov 2014
South African wine at greater risk of fraud
The annual Cape Wine Makers Guild Auction is reputed for premium quality wines, attracting both private collectors and trade buyers. The recent Nedbank Cape Wine Makers Guild Auction recorded the...
11 Nov 2014
Between a rock and a hard place: The UN and the protection of civilians in South Sudan (November 2014)
Following the outbreak of civil war in South Sudan at the end of 2013, the UN Security Council passed a resolution that substantially restructured the form and function of the UN mission in South...
10 Nov 2014
Ericsson uses technology to bolster humanitarian efforts
Information and communication technology (ICT) giant Ericsson has moved to contribute to humanitarian efforts in Africa and the Middle East as emerging economies in these regions face unprecedented...
African perspectives on challenges of police command in peace support operations (November 2014)
Conflicts in Africa result in loss of life, weakened social structures and fragile economies. This provides an impetus for stronger African initiatives in conflict management through participation...
05 Nov 2014
Citizens driving transformation of economies
As globalisation, urbanisation and digitalisation increasingly become the forces that reshape economies, the critical mass of the citizens within the world’s urban centres were driving the...
04 Nov 2014
25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, is the world about to change course on capitalism's triumph over communism?
The South African Civil Society Information Service
This year, 2014, heralds 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. It’s a momentous anniversary for Germans who are commemorating 25 years of reunification. But just as the...
Political killings in South Africa: The ultimate intimidation (November 2014)
This policy brief provides a summary of current information on the nature and extent of the problem of political killings in South Africa. The province of KwaZulu-Natal accounts for the...
Connode releases Connode 4 version 1.1
Connode AB, the leading provider of wireless mesh communications, releases Connode 4 Version 1.1, the world’s first independent and open 6lowpan-based communications solution for the Internet of...
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