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20 December 2014
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11 Nov 2014
Between a rock and a hard place: The UN and the protection of civilians in South Sudan (November 2014)
Following the outbreak of civil war in South Sudan at the end of 2013, the UN Security Council passed a resolution that substantially restructured the form and function of the UN mission in South...
10 Nov 2014
Ericsson uses technology to bolster humanitarian efforts
Information and communication technology (ICT) giant Ericsson has moved to contribute to humanitarian efforts in Africa and the Middle East as emerging economies in these regions face unprecedented...
African perspectives on challenges of police command in peace support operations (November 2014)
Conflicts in Africa result in loss of life, weakened social structures and fragile economies. This provides an impetus for stronger African initiatives in conflict management through participation...
05 Nov 2014
Citizens driving transformation of economies
As globalisation, urbanisation and digitalisation increasingly become the forces that reshape economies, the critical mass of the citizens within the world’s urban centres were driving the...
04 Nov 2014
25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, is the world about to change course on capitalism's triumph over communism?
The South African Civil Society Information Service
This year, 2014, heralds 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. It’s a momentous anniversary for Germans who are commemorating 25 years of reunification. But just as the...
Political killings in South Africa: The ultimate intimidation (November 2014)
This policy brief provides a summary of current information on the nature and extent of the problem of political killings in South Africa. The province of KwaZulu-Natal accounts for the...
Connode releases Connode 4 version 1.1
Connode AB, the leading provider of wireless mesh communications, releases Connode 4 Version 1.1, the world’s first independent and open 6lowpan-based communications solution for the Internet of...
29 Oct 2014
Global AgeWatch Index 2014 (October 2014)
The new Global AgeWatch Index measures how well 96 countries are supporting their older populations. This year, Norway comes first, replacing Sweden from last year. Apart from Japan, all the top 10...
24 Oct 2014
Africa's conflict burden in a global context (October 2014)
This paper gives a snapshot of Africa’s conflict burden within a global context based on various prominent data providers. The analysis finds that armed conflict in Africa follows the general...
23 Oct 2014
Many countries falling short on OECD bribery clampdown convention
The majority of the 41 signatory countries to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD’s) Anti-Bribery Convention, adopted in 1997, have failed to clamp down on foreign...
22 Oct 2014
Peace and Security Council Report No 63 (October 2014)
Peace and Security
The new members of the AU’s Panel of the Wise include a number of high-profile individuals. It remains to be seen, however, what role they can play in peacemaking and mediation in Africa. The Peace...
20 Oct 2014
South African Crime Quarterly 49 (October 2014)
The articles in this edition of SACQ reveal the extent to which the promise of the democratisation of rural South Africa in the 1990s has turned to bitter disappointment for residents of mining...
15 Oct 2014
Confronting crime networks in Dakar (October 2014)
Organised crime is increasing in Dakar, Senegal, involving drug trafficking, illicit pharmaceutical products and cybercrime. The implications for urban governance range from the risk of undermining...
14 Oct 2014
Engaging the private sector in post-conflict recovery: perspectives for SADPA (October 2014)
Economic revitalisation and job creation are major components of the effort to consolidate sustainable peace in post-conflict settings. Public institutions tend to lead efforts to stimulate...
13 Oct 2014
Namibia's electoral reform: implications for the 2014 elections (October 2014)
Namibia will hold general elections in November 2014, and while a new Electoral Bill was tabled on 19 August 2014, there has been a lack of clarity as to when it would be passed into law. The new...
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