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17 April 2014
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04 Mar 2014
Deputy Minister Marius Fransman hosts Swedish State Secretary Frank Belfrage for bilateral discussions
The Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Mr Marius Fransman, will host his Swedish counterpart, State Secretary Mr Frank Belfrage, for bilateral discussions on Thursday, 6...
03 Mar 2014
Deputy Minister Fransman to host the Swedish State Secretary for bilateral discussions
The Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Mr Marius Fransman, will host his Swedish counterpart, State Secretary Mr Frank Belfrage, for bilateral discussions on Thursday, 06...
27 Feb 2014
Daily podcast – February 27, 2014
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's budget contained few surprises, political parties said on Wednesday. The ruling African National Congress said it understood the tight fiscal constraints under...
26 Feb 2014
Cybercrime: A complex problem requiring a multi-faceted response (February 2014)
The Internet has revolutionised the way in which businesses, government and the public interact. However, criminal actors have used this to their advantage. Given reports that Africa is becoming a...
24 Feb 2014
Timely study of South Africa's future gets the country talking
This year South Africa marks 20 years of democracy, but what will things look like by 2030? And with national elections just around the corner, what role can political leaders and the electorate...
17 Feb 2014
South African Futures 2030: How Bafana Bafana made Mandela Magic (February 2014)
This paper presents three scenarios for South Africa up to 2030: ‘Bafana Bafana’, ‘A Nation Divided’ and ‘Mandela Magic’. The nation’s current development pathway, called ‘Bafana...
13 Feb 2014
Economic empowerment and foreign direct investment: The cases of Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe
The colonisation by the United Kingdom of many African countries in the late 1890s and early 1900s resulted in the redistribution of wealth in favour of expatriate classes of the colonised...
06 Feb 2014
Election 2014 will usher in very different political conditions in South Africa
Africa-International Communications
Election 2014 will set the stage for a vastly altered political environment in South Africa. This will lead up to the 2019 general election which will be more critical for the ANC than the...
05 Feb 2014
Peace and Security Council Report No 55 (February 2014)
Peace and Security
This edition includes country analyses on the Central African Republic (CAR) and Egypt. The analysis of developments in the CAR covers events between December 2013 and January 2014 including the...
South African Crime Quarterly 46 (February 2014)
When, early in 2013, we began planning this edition of SACQ to focus on policing, we expected that by the time of publication the Farlam Commission investigating the Marikana massacre would have...
04 Feb 2014
SA and aid effectiveness: Lessons for SADPA as a development partner (February 2014)
South Africa is an important actor in peacebuilding and post-conflict development and now wishes to deepen its engagement through the establishment of the South African Development Partnership...
31 Jan 2014
Annual Review of the African Union Peace and Security Council 2013/2014 (January 2014)
Peace and Security
From the Central African Republic (CAR) to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Egypt, Libya and Mali, Africa experienced a resurgence of conflict and violent instability in 2013. These and...
23 Jan 2014
Fracking for shale gas in South Africa: blessing or curse? (January 2014)
As the first country to reverse a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing – more commonly known as ‘fracking’ – South Africa is now poised to move forward with the controversial process,...
21 Jan 2014
Zambia's constitution-making process (January 2014)
Zambia’s constitution-making exercise initiated in 2011 is at a critical crossroads because of ambiguities over the modes of validating the draft document, and eventually adopting and enacting...
16 Jan 2014
2014 Index of Economic Freedom (January 2014)
In a welcome turnaround, economic freedom is “once again on the rise,” according to the editors of the 20th annual Index of Economic Freedom, released by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall...
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