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23 September 2014
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22 Sep 2014
SA: Phathekile Holomisa: Address by Deputy Minister of Labour, at the 2014 Master Builders' Association Congress (22/09/2014)
Thank you for inviting me to be part of your congress and I am indeed honoured to be here. Let me also take this opportunity to convey a message of support and good wishes from the Minister of...
16 Sep 2014
World hunger easing but 1 in 9 people undernourished – food agencies
The number of hungry people in the world has fallen sharply over the past decade but 805-million, or one in nine of the global population, still do not have enough to eat, three UN food and...
28 Aug 2014
SA: Statement by the Department of Trade and Industry, congratulates Webhelp SA on the launch of their Johannesburg Contact Centre (28/08/2014)
The Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies, congratulates Webhelp SA on the launch of their Johannesburg Contact Centre which has thus far created 200 jobs. It is further expected that the...
25 Aug 2014
Sierra Leone makes harbouring Ebola victims a crime
Sierra Leone's parliament has made the harbouring of Ebola victims a crime punishable by two years' jail in an attempt to stop the spread of the deadly virus, the justice minister said on Saturday....
29 Jul 2014
Conventional education fails to deliver the goods
The South African Civil Society Information Service
We have thrown bags of money at education over the past two decades. Education consumes nearly a quarter of our total budget, close to a quarter of a trillion Rand a year. We spend more money on...
18 Jul 2014
Malaysia to send specialists to crash site
Malaysia will send a group of 62 specialists to the crash site of its passenger airliner in Ukraine’s Donetsk Region, Malaysian Minister of Transport Hussein Hishammuddin said on Friday. The...
17 Jul 2014
SA: Ayanda Dlodlo: Address by the Deputy Minister of Public Service and Administration, on the occasion of the Ministry of Public Service and Administration Budget Vote, Parliament, Cape Town (17/07/2014)
It is a great honour for me to address this house on this occasion as this is a significant period in many ways. We are mindful that today we present our Ministry’s first Budget Vote in the fifth...
SA: Ayanda Dlodlo: Budget Vote Speech of Deputy Minister for the Public Service and Administration on the occasion of the MPSA Budget Vote (17/07/2014)
Thank you Honourable Chairperson for affording us an opportunity to present to this esteemed House the 2014/15 budget for the Ministry for Public Service and Administration. It is a great honour...
07 Jul 2014
Implementation the likely Achilles’ heel of NDP
While the foundations of the National Development Plan (NDP) were largely sound, the plan’s proverbial “Achilles’ heel” would likely lie in its implementation. Addressing a morning session of the...
25 Jun 2014
AI: Statement by Amnesty International, human-rights organisation, Amnesty International supporters worldwide take to the streets in support of victims for Torture Day (25/06/2014)
From a football stadium in Mali to the doorstep of the President’s office in Ukraine, Amnesty International supporters around the world will mobilize Thursday to stand in solidarity with victims...
12 Jun 2014
Avoid a cybercrime own goal during the World Cup
With the World Cup kicking off in Brazil tomorrow, 12 June, interest in the matches is reaching a fever pitch in Africa and around the globe. Savvy cybercriminals are capitalising on the attention...
20 May 2014
Renewing our democratic imagination
The South African Civil Society Information Service
Narendra Modi, a politician who combines a form of hyper-capitalism that produces fabulous wealth for some at the cost of ruination for many others with a narrow and dangerously chauvinistic form...
16 May 2014
SA communications firms eye Africa growth above innovation
While innovation and partnerships feature as top priorities for global communications companies, South Africa's companies look towards increasing their share in existing markets and expanding their...
17 Apr 2014
Daily podcast – April 17, 2014
Inter-communal violence is tearing Central African Republic apart but the conflict is not getting the attention or aid,needed to save huge numbers of lives, the head of the UN refugee agency (or...
07 Apr 2014
Patents and patent laws are not a major barrier to access to medicines
Some healthcare activists persistently argue that patents are a barrier that prevents access to medicines. The price of medications may well be a determining factor, but there are other issues that...
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