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22 May 2015
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31 Jul 2014
SA: Statement by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, on visit of the Presidential Envoys to the Middle East (31/07/2014)
As part of our contribution to international diplomatic efforts towards the resolution of Israeli-Palestine conflict, we as Special Envoys appointed by President Zuma travelled to both Israel and...
30 Jul 2014
THINK AGAIN: Eritrean authoritarianism and human trafficking in the Sinai
On the world map, there is no such thing as an ‘ungoverned space,’ bar the two poles and our woefully under-regulated oceans. It is a neat, practical system, where all land is accounted for and all...
29 Jul 2014
Daily podcast – July 29, 2014
US President Barack Obama said African nations should look inward for solutions to economic woes and not make "excuses" based on a history of dependence and colonisation. He was speaking at a...
Peace and Security Council Report No 60 (July 2014)
Peace and Security
A new version of the PSC Report series was launched in July. The monthly publication has been re-designed to improve readability and highlight key issues that the AU Peace and Security Council...
23 Jul 2014
SA: Jacob Zuma: Address by the President of South Africa, n the occasion of the Presidency Budget Vote National Assembly, Cape Town (23/07/2014)
We thank the Presiding Officers for the opportunity to introduce the debate on Budget Vote 1, The Presidency. Before doing so, allow me Honourable Speaker to thank the millions of our people who...
SA: David Mahlobo: Address by the Minister of State Security, during the delivery of the Budget Vote, Parliament, Cape Town (23/07/2014)
Honourable Chairperson and Members, five days ago we joined the rest of the world in celebrating the international Mandela Day. During the State of the Nation Address this year, His Excellency...
Africa and bilateral investment treaties: To 'BIT' or not?
Since the world’s first bilateral investment treaty (BIT) was signed between Germany and Pakistan in 1959, more than 3,000 BITs have been concluded between various countries, and the number is...
18 Jul 2014
Israel launches ground operation in Gaza
ground operation
Israeli troops launched a ground offensive in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip on Thursday night, after days of heavy bombardment, the military said. "Following ten days of Hamas attacks by land,...
15 Jul 2014
WIVP: Statement by the Workers International Vanguard Party, on Israeli fascism (14/07/2014)
We have long stated that the essential character of the Israeli state is that it is fascist. The current slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and the rump of the West Bank by the imperialist-backed...
08 Jul 2014
Who will foot the bill for Africa's new intervention force?
The next time a major crisis that needs swift military action breaks out anywhere in Africa, an African force will be on high alert to intervene within days. This was the message from African...
07 Jul 2014
Opening African skies holds significant economic benefits, Iata report shows
A new report by the International Air Transport Association (Iata) and InterVistas has found “massive” economic potential of implementing the 15-year-old Yamoussoukro Decision. Liberalising African...
Daily podcast – July 7, 2014.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said he wished the imprisoned Al Jazeera journalists, convicted of aiding "a terrorist group", had been deported and not put on trial, a newspaper reported...
SA: Statement by the Department of Science and Technology, Minister Pandor launches Africa's first Accelerator Mass Spectrometry facility (07/07/2014)
The Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor, today launched a new Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) Facility in Gauteng at the iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences (iThemba...
Egypt's Sisi wishes Al Jazeera journalists had been deported, not tried – newspaper
freedom of expression
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said he wished the imprisoned Al Jazeera journalists, convicted of aiding "a terrorist group", had been deported and not put on trial, a newspaper reported...
02 Jul 2014
SA commends Lesotho after easing crisis
The South African Government has commended the parties to the coalition government in neighbouring Lesotho, who have agreed to meet and work together to resolve the challenges facing that...
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