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18 January 2017
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25 Sep 2015
Al Jazeera welcomes release of journalists: Egypt urged to also clear cases of journalists tried in absentia
Egypt urged to also clear cases of journalists tried in absentia Commenting on the reported releases of Baher Mohammad and Mohammad Fahmy, Al Jazeera Media Network’s acting director general said:...
Daily podcast – September 25, 2015
Making headlines: The ruling ANC warns State broadcaster SABC about exorbitant salaries. Two Al Jazeera journalists are freed from prison in Egypt. And, Nigerian troops capture a top Boko Haram leade
Al Jazeera journalists freed from prison in Egypt
Two Al Jazeera journalists were released from prison on Wednesday following a pardon from Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, in a case that drew worldwide condemnation. Canadian-Egyptian Al...
24 Sep 2015
Tobruk or Tripoli? Pretoria must stop dilly-dallying: ISS report
The civil war between two governments vying for control of Libya is being played out bizarrely in Pretoria‚ as diplomats of each side conduct a protracted battle for control of the Libyan embassy‚...
22 Sep 2015
HRW: Egypt has evicted 3 200 families from Gaza border
Egyptian forces have evicted at least 3 200 families in a campaign of mass demolitions on the border with the Gaza Strip in violation of international law, Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday. The...
21 Sep 2015
South Africa tops list for Africa investment destinations
South Africa retained its position as the most attractive investment destination in Africa, despite a reduction in its score owing to a weaker business environment and a faltering business outlook,...
18 Sep 2015
Is a terrorist attack imminent in South Africa?
Institute of Security Studies
On Tuesday 8 September, the United States (US) Diplomatic Mission to South Africa issued a rare security message entitled Terrorist Threat to US Interest in South Africa. The alert warns citizens...
EU calls special migration summit
European Union (EU) leaders will hold a special summit next week on Europe's migration crisis, EU President Donald Tusk said on Thursday, as Croatian leaders warned that their country might become...
16 Sep 2015
Closing the research gap between Africa and the rest of the world
A large gap remains in research capacity between Africa and the rest of the world in all scientific disciplines. Addressing the challenges, especially, in the physical sciences, technology,...
Daily Podcast – September 16, 2015
Making headlines: Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir could return to South Africa in December. Zimbabwe's main opposition questions Robert Mugabe fitness to hold office after he read a wrong speech...
09 Sep 2015
GCIS: Completing the Millenium Dev. Goals round: recognition of SA's achievements in the fight against hunger
His Excellency Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa of the Republic of South Africa received a Food Security Recognition Award from His Excellency Graziano da Silva, Director General of the United...
08 Sep 2015
Daily Podcast – September 8, 2015
Making headlines: The African Union is intensifying efforts to create an African Standby Force. Kenya plans an offensive against Islamist militants taking cover in the coastal forest. And, Trade...
Africa: Time to stand up and not just stand by
military force
As the United Nations and African leaders try to push South Sudan’s civil war protagonists towards peace and Nigeria and its neighbors strive to stamp out Islamist group Boko Haram’s insurgency,...
07 Sep 2015
SA: Siyabonga Cwele: Address by Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services, at the 2015 Southern African Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference (07/09/2015)
Telecommunications and Postal Services
It is indeed an honour to address the 2015 Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications (SATNAC) Conference. This conference is a strategic and necessary platform that enables...
01 Sep 2015
African Development Bank must gear up for a more proactive role
Africa’s only regional bank, the African Development Bank Group (AfDB), has come a long way since its near collapse in 1995. It now reflects its mandate to fight poverty by aiding public and...
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