Youth Arise - June 16 Event

14th June 2017

Youth Arise - Progressive youth, civic, labour and faith based formations joins forces for Youth Day cultural and hip hop cypha which includes rap, poetry and dance.
16 June 2017
10:00 - 16:00
Site B Hall, Khayelitsha

We reject the notion that the youth of today is free. We cannot be free when millions of people in this country are starving and unemployed;  or when violence against women and children continues unabated. We cannot be free until there is free decolonised and decommodified education and we cannot be free until we have redistributed the land.

As youth we want to define what freedom really means. To this end we will host "Youth Commissions" to plan the way forward on the following 4 focus areas:
1.   Free education

2.    Occupying urban and rural land

3.     Unemployment

4.     Gender based violence

These themes would be couched in a political context taking the following into account. Nothing substantial has changed for the youth since 1994. The youth today are facing many of the same challenges that the youth of 1976 faced. The notion that youth is demoralised is incorrect. The youth is still vibrant and active in society.

For more information contact:
Corine Solomons (United Front) - 61 675 8125
Zama Timbela (PYM) - 079 866 4690
Anele Selekwa (Ilrig) - 083 512 1003 
Siphokazi Pangele (Right2know) - 061 946 7147

Brilliant Nyambi (Africa Unite) - 084 468 3916

Thabang Bhili (Left Students Forum) - 071 580 0997